How to Be a Home Depot Contractor

by Kathryn Hatter

1. Verify your general liability, workers' compensation and automobile insurance prior to beginning the application process. Verify that your current trade and business licenses are compliant with state requirements. You must provide proof of these items to Home Depot during the qualification process.

2. Visit the Home Depot contractor registration webpage. Fill in the fields, creating a username and password. Enter your contact information – including an email address that you monitor regularly -- and click the orange “Continue Registration” button.

3. Pay a $10 registration fee by entering your credit card number in the next screen.

4. Enter your chosen username and password to log in to the Home Depot website. Complete the online contractor application and submit it. Your

application will remain in a pool from which Home Depot will select contractors for qualification as it needs them.

5. Remit a $50 application fee (as of the time of publication) if you receive an email notifying you that Home Depot has selected your application to continue the qualification process. Remit $69.50 for an owner background check also (as of the time of publication). Home Depot will validate your licensing, insurance coverage and it will conduct background checks.

  • If Home Depot selects you as a contractor, expect regular screenings, quality audits and regulatory checks to ensure continued compliance. Home Depot may remove your contractor status if your quality or compliance slips.
  • The fees you pay during the registration, application and qualification process are nonrefundable.

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