This is a short story by Saurav Swain who is voluteering with Educate Girls, Mumbai and Rajasthan as part of the Vodafone World of Difference initiative. This story based on a skit for raising awarness about girl child education.

"A Drama"

The story is based on a husband, and a wife, the husband is educated, working in an office, but her wife is illiterate who doesn’t know how to cope in an educated family. The husband was forced to marry her because of parental pressure and traditional culture of his family.

One day, while getting ready for office, the husband asked his wife for the breakfast,” Kamla”, Mera breakfast lao..  (Kamla please bring my breakfast). His wife brings the breakfast in her hand and the husband insists she gets it in a tray. The wife misunderstood the tray for a ‘train’ that they take during travel to their home town.

The irritated husband shows her a ‘Tray’ and leaves for his office.

The next morning, he asks for his shoes, and the wife brings his shoes on a tray. Again the husband gets angry and explains that shoes should be brought by hand only. The next day he asks for a hanger to hang his coat which his wife doesn’t understand. Again the husband panics, shows her a hanger and leaves. The next day he asks his wife for a piece of bread which she brings by hanging on the hanger. Now the husband’s patient collapses, he decides to call a tutor for his wife to teach her English.

He contacts a famous English tutor and invites him to his house to teach his wife English. The tutor asks his wife to pronounce ‘A’ for Apple, the wife pronounces it  as ‘AAA’

‘AAA’. The teacher is fed up, now he asks the wife to say B for ball, B..B.. but the wife pronounce, ‘BAA..BAA’ .

By now the teacher is irritated and stressed on BB.

The wife is angry and she takes it as an attack on her modesty by the teacher by calling her BB several times  (BB means wife in Hindi) , she hits him hard and drives him out from her house.

The husband comes from office and listens to all the stories and gives a simple message to the audience - ‘Please, don’t make your girls uneducated and restricted from school, else you may face my fate in future’.

It’s a very simple drama performed by some very sweet primary school girls in a school, Gudalas Bali, for awareness of girl child education. The message is simple, straight and clear; the girls also performed very well and interestingly the girls are more in number than the boys in this school itself.

 I understand the story and praise the moral, appreciate my NGO, the Team Balika Volunteer who staged and directed the program so innovatively. I like another hidden theme the best, which is not in this context.  It’s the lovely untold, unseen but well understood bondbetween this husband and wife. The husband might be worried about his wife’s behavior, the wife might worry about the husband’s expectation, but the relation they both share is based on love, caring and respect.

This beautifully depicted in this 10 minute drama, and it is well enough to establish the loveliest fact of our great Indian culture - despite of all odds and dissimilarity, difference in thoughts and knowledge, they still make the ideal pair and live like that.

Really awesome, Well done girls..

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