How to improve Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life!

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One of the biggest problems faced by users these days is the battery and this is especially a problem with the Galaxy S3 with the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update . Here are some tips get better Galaxy S3 battery life:

  1. Use the Power saving mode! This can be accessed via the notification bar which you swipe from top to bottom on the display to access. It'S a toggle on the far right side of the toggles found right at the top. This is availalbe in the settings as well. You can Check whether you want CPU, screen power saving, change the background color to save power in the internet, as well as turn off the haptic feedback.

  2. Alter the display's color profile! Make this happen by going into the Screen mode in your settings, then display, and screen mode. Here oyu hae different color profiles to chooe from. Choose Standard. You can alos use a black wallpaper to save batter which is a common practice for AMOLED screens. White backgrounds use more power. There are alos a bunch of apps that can help you with this as well.

  3. Manage brightness ! Do this in the notification bar by swiping down from top to bottom. Make sure the brightness is not set on auto, so uncheck the box. Dim the screen until it's darker but still comfortable to read the contents displayed.

  4. Let you screen timeout quicker! Do this in the Settings again and under the display option. Select Screen timeout and set it to 30 seconds so that when inactive it will turn black.

  5. If you aren't using certain radios, disable them ! For example, if you don't need Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth or Multiwindow, disable these!

For more tips and tricks for batteries, learn how black wallaper can save your battery and more battery tips ! We also have 16 other tips to extend battery performance .

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know of any other ways to save battery on your Galaxy S3?

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here the very useful tip to improve samsung battery life


Toggling the network from auto mode(3g/2g) to use 2g only mode will almost double your battery life

By using an extended battery, such as the Zero Lemon, you can greatly improve the time between charges. I have one for my Galaxy Note 3, and even with the large screen I charge it every 5 or 6 days (once it gets to 30%). Now admittedly I don't fiddle with my phone constantly, but I do a lot of web browsing with it and talk on it each day. At the level of use I have, I'm easily getting 3 times more battery life.

It's the same with the Galaxy S III. Compare the standard 2100 mAh battery that comes with the phone with the 7000 mAh extended battery, and it's a no-brainer. They are more than worth the price (I see one you can get through Amazon for $42, and that includes the protective case). Once you have experienced going several days between charges you won't want to go back to trying to get through the day on a single charge. I was thinking about upgrading to the newest Galaxy Note phone (or the new Galaxy S phone), but when I saw that the new ones do not have removable batteries that was a deal breaker. There is no new bell or whistle that would cause me to give up the ability to have an extended battery.

Hey Phil, do you think I could use my UAG case with this battery (instead of the one the battery comes with)?

" We also have 16 other tips to extend battery performance ."

Really? Where are they???

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