*Offered and administered by the New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA); managed and distributed by Franklin Templeton Distributors, Inc. , an affiliate of Franklin Resources, Inc. , which operates as Franklin Templeton Investments. No federal or state guarantee. Principal value may be lost, and investing in the plan does not guarantee admission to college or sufficient funds for college. Please refer to the Investor Handbook for more complete information. The New Jersey Better Educational Savings Trust Program ("NJBEST") is a higher education savings and investment program of the State of New Jersey designed to satisfy the requirements of Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code.

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Highest Deposit Interest Rates in Europe

I was searching online some information about interest rates for savings accounts in European Union for the year of 2014. Basically I was doing this "research" because I found that in some member states interest rates for savings accounts are pathetically modest. I mean annual interest rate of 0. 008 or even 0. 005% seem very pathetic for me. Taking into account that interest rates in Georgia are about 6% for savings in National currency (Georgian Lari) and about 2. 5% for USD/EUR. Overlooking all bank offers in Georgia, I did find an interest rates even of 9% (National currency) and 5% (USD/EUR).

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Help for existing savings customers

Manage your savings with our convenient and straightforward Online Banking and Mobile Banking App. Our friendly, UK-based customer service team are also available to answer any questions you might have. The interest you've been paid is shown in your statements, transactions and in your Certificate of Interest. You can view, print and download your statements and Certificate of Interest in the document store in online banking. Following the Government’s introduction of the Personal Savings Allowance, we will no longer deduct tax from your interest earned.

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Aetna- Vital Savings by Aetna® Dental Discount Program | Dental Insurance Alternative

* Actual costs and savings may vary by provider, service and geographic location. ** According to the Aetna Enterprise Provider Database as of September 2012. The Vital Savings by Aetna® program (the "Program") is not insurance. This program does not meet the Minimum Creditable Coverage requirements in Massachusetts. It provides Members with access to discounts at certain health care providers for medical and dental services. These discounts are discounted fees according to schedules negotiated by Aetna Life Insurance Company for the Vital Savings by Aetna discount program.

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Individual - Series EE Savings Bonds

Use EE bonds to √ at a glance What is an EE bond? (EE bonds issued from May 2005 on) These EE bonds earn the same rate of interest (a fixed rate) for up to 30 years. When you buy the bond, you know what rate of interest it will earn. Treasury announces the rate each May 1 and November 1 for new EE bonds. See: Comparing I Bonds to EE Bonds Were older EE bonds different? Yes. EE bonds bought from May 1997 through April 2005 earn a rate of interest that changes every six months (a variable rate). EE bonds bought before May 1997 earn interest at different rates depending on when they were bought.

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Solar panel mis-selling - Solar Energy Savings gets caught

Which? members helped stop a £50m solar panel company in its tracks recently, after the extent of its dodgy trading was uncovered through numerous complaints. But is this the tip of the iceberg?Over the last year, we received a series of complaints about the same solar panel company, Solar Energy Savings (SES).  Which? members told us SES had bombarded them with ‘hard sales’ pitches, had sent panel installers who damaged and caused leaks to their roofs, and had used mis-selling tactics, such as promising the panels would work better than they could.

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Saving for College? 3 Great Alternatives to a 529

With higher education costs going nowhere but up, many families are doing their best to make college savings a priority. For years, 529 plans have been touted as a college saver's dream. Though the money you put into a 529 isn't tax-free, you can grow that money in a tax-free fashion until you're ready to withdraw it and start paying those hefty tuition bills. But there's a reason why 97% of people don't open 529 plans to save for college. Despite the tax benefits, 529s come with a few major drawbacks -- namely, the fact that if you fail to use all the money in your 529 for qualified higher education purposes, you'll be dinged with a 10% penalty on your investment gains.

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Health Savings Accounts

HSAs can empower your employees to get the most out of their health care dollars and take control of their spending. If you offer a qualified high-deductible health plan, you can offer an HSA to help manage costs and sustain health benefits. Benefits for your organization Reduced payroll taxes — Employees' pretax contributions reduce your payroll taxes and their taxable income (in most states). Decreased paperwork — Employees are responsible for verifying their expenses, paying for qualified medical expenses with their HSAs and reporting tax on account distributions.

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How are savings bonds taxed?

A:According to Treasury Direct, interest from EE U. S. savings bonds is taxed at the federal level but not the state or local level for income. It is also taxed through federal and state estate, gift and excise taxes. The interest in the amount that a bond can be redeemed for above the face value of the bond, which is its original purchase price. Ownership of the bond governs who is responsible for paying tax on the interest. If one person purchases the bond and is the sole owner for the life of the bond, that person owes the taxes on the interest.

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How Office 365 Productivity Solutions Save Time & Money

As Microsoft’s Office 365 Enterprise cloud offerings continue to mature, more and more organizations are considering whether and when to make ‘The Leap’ to the cloud. The ever-expanding suite of products and services in Office 365 includes Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business Online, Office Online and Desktop subscriptions, and a slew of other apps like Yammer, OneDrive, Delve, Video Portal, Sway, optionally Power BI, CRM and more. One question that many folks ask is, ‘How much money can Office 365 save me in the long run?’ In order to theorize these savings, it’s best to try to answer this question in the amount of time saved.

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