50 FREE or Cheap Business Advertising Marketing Ideas.

50 Free Or Cheap Advertising Ideas For Offline and Online Marketing!

By Deren Stevens

There are many ways to advertise without spending a lot of cash. Use these tips to your advantage. Modify them and make them your own. These are some cheap/free advertising ideas – you can incorporate these in to your day-to-day life, but for maximum response and coverage you should also integrate other marketing methods.

Just remember that the only way to succeed with your business is to do something. No one has ever found success by doing nothing.

Free or Cheap Business Marketing Ideas That Work –
Market Online of Offline with These Effective and Cheap Tips, ideal for Small Businesses…

Can you name the most critical element that you absolutely need to ensure your offline or online success? It is activity. Without marketing activity, you are sure to fail. The more you can do to attract visitors to your website or local business, the more chances you have to succeed.

Can You Carry On Lots Of Marketing Activity On A Small Budget?

Your budget might be small right now, but that’s just fine. Your energy will carry you through. Also, don’t think these ideas are inferior just because they are cheap or free. Many large businesses have huge marketing budgets, but they also do many of these inexpensive activities. This is because some of the best strategies to grow businesses require wit more than cash!

Think of some of the most successful viral video campaigns on the Internet – shot with a camcorder, using a fun/interesting idea, and for very little cost – yet they receive millions of hits!

Get All Your Marketing Efforts to Support Each Other: Build a Platform.

You need to work towards constructing a complete marketing platform. This could include both online and offline tactics. For example, your social media pages and printed business cards should all direct visitors to your website and physical location. When each piece of this marketing platform support other pieces, you can achieve true synergy that reduces your costs and makes your efforts more effective.

At first,this might seem complicated. Just try to tackle a couple of pieces at a time. Of course, you can put this platform together yourself, but it may be more cost-effective to get assistance from a professional PR firm like Marketing Empire.

By the way, when you print your website address on your business cars and promotional items, be sure to print it in a memorable way. For example, is not that easy to remember. out a lot more!

Inexpensive Promotional Items: Give Away Stuff.

If you have a local business, you might consider handing out inexpensive promotional items like pens, calendars, or fridge magnets. People tend to keep and use these types of items, and they really do refer to them when they wish to make purchases. Make sure these contain clear reminders of your business, and this should include your website address and other contact information.

You might also have promotional T-shirts printed up. Of course, you should wear your shirt to any casual event. You might also use them as prizes in a contest or give them to good customers. Let your customers and clients help you spread your business message!

Flyers are one of the cheapest and most effective advertising strategies for local businesses. Simply produce an attractive flyer for your business. Make sure you add your website, physical location, a phone number, and why customers or clients should come to you. If you run a real estate agency, dental office, martial arts school, or any business that serves individuals, stick them on cars in a nearby parking lot. If your business serves other businesses (B2B), find a nearby office building to target.

You really need to have business cards printed for almost any type of business. You look professional when you hand them out during face-to-face meetings. Even if your business entirely runs online, you can use them when you attend conventions or simply discuss your online business with people you already know or happen to meet. Get professional business card printing done here too.

Drop cards are slightly different than business cards. They are the same size as business cards, but they include a clear call to action. You can find some effective ways to use drop cards and inexpensive printing prices at the online print shop.

Ask your local librarian if she would accept attractive bookmarks with your business information printed on them. If so, you can leave stacks near each shelf and by the main counter. Make sure you have these professionally designed, keep your business details subtle, and have them laminated for durability.

Colourful postcard flyers really stick out in a stack of mail, and they deliver a powerful impact. Mail these out to leads, prospects, and existing clients. Emphasize just one or two products or services and include a clear call to action.

Use Free E-Books and Reports as Promotional Items Too.

You can even produce free downloads which give website visitors some free tips or information that relate to your business. Make sure your free e-book or report clearly reminds readers where to return to when they need to buy your product or service.

For example, insurance agents might produce a report about home improvements that help earn homeowners insurance discounts. Bakeries might release a popular seasonal recipe. Financial professionals could release a handy budget worksheet.

You might even ask visitors to sign up with their email address in order to receive their free report, and this way you can build your email list.

You might even get really clever and give away a downloadable and printable version of your bookmarks from your website. This is a great marketing idea for all types of businesses, and it can be particularly effective for authors and booksellers.

Social Networking Platforms Can Provide Viral Marketing Exposure.

People really do find new products and services on large social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The trick is to make your own presence engaging. You have a lot of competition on these social giants, and you need to stand out.

Done well, social marketing can provide you with viral marketing as your business followers pass your stories around to their friends. To make this task more efficient, consider using online social media management tools likeSocialBroandHootSuite .

Article Marketing.

Content marketing has become an even more important and effective online marketing strategy lately. You can write one article, use a service to publish it in several places, and even benefit when other website owners and Internet users spread it around more. That is the type of viral marketing attention that money just cannot buy.

Well written content can spread quickly and help your reputation as you are viewed as the expert in your field by hundreds of thousands of people. Just like this

helpful ‘article’ we have written for you here, it has been shared thousands of times across various web platforms!

Video Marketing.

WhileGoogleis famous as the most popular search engine,YouTubecomes in second for the number of daily searches performed. If you have a limited budget, you can make a simple video tutorial, informational guide, or video tour with your cell phone and free software. You might upgrade to better equipment or paid production later. Videos can also include customer testimonials, product demonstrations, a message from the Founders, or just a simple Company advert to engage your prospects. Fact is, you need to stand out from your competition, so you need to comprise various strategies in your marketing plan to target your prospects and convince them.

Video can make your website more engaging and encourage social sharing. If you upload your clips to video-sharing sites likeYouTube , you will inevitably increase your audience and search engine rankings, with more than 60% of Internet users saying they have made a buying decision after watching an online video.

Start Your Own Blog.

Content management software is really easy to install and maintain.WordPressis the most common tool, and it is free to use. Blog software makes it very easy for you to upload articles, video, and pictures to your site. You can also encourage social sharing with social networking site icons and share buttons. If you keep your website updated with engaging content, you are also more likely to obtain better search engine rankings and attract a wider audience. Keep the content updated consistently (every 5-7 days is ideal); keep it relevant to your industry; and try to providevalueto those reading your content (i.e. helpful and practical advice, tips/tricks etc).

You can see how the blog platform works by checking out theMarketing Empire bloghere.

Free Advertising from Newspapers and Magazines with Press Releases.

Did you know that reporters are always looking for content? You can usually find submission details on the website of any local publication. You might also take advantage of chances to run into local reporters at networking events and conventions. Be sure you always carry business cards!

If you want national and international attention, try using a press release submission service. is an example of a press release distribution service that can give your business a lot of visibility for a small cost.

Get Friendly On Online Forums for Free Attention.

Participate in online message boards that relate to your business. Just make sure you follow the rules and take care to present yourself in a professional manner. Many forums allow links in your signature, and some allow other topical links in your message. Don’t start off by advertising. Become an active and helpful community member, and then you can effectively deliver your marketing message.

Purchase Leads.

Purchase targeted business leads. Try to get phone numbers, email addresses, and locations. Contact these leads and be sure to follow up. You can use Marketing Empire’s services to purchase either business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-client (B2C) leads. Learn more about our B2B database lists.

Participate in Community or National Charities and Events.

If you can sponsor a local food-drive or school fundraiser, you will have your chance to get your name out there on publications that the organization produces. Even better, these organizations might have a sponsorship page on their website that offers you a free website link. The same is true of organizations or foundations that are national or international in scope. Sometimes a modest donation can help a good cause and get you a lot of attention.

Set Up Giveaway Boxes or Online Contests.

Have you ever seen those giveaway boxes at stores or festivals? Sometimes the prize is a free gym membership for 30 days or a vacation. Every entry is an additional marketing lead for your business. In fact, if you run a local gym, you might slowly start declaring every entrant a winner. Many people will take advantage of their free membership and stay on if they like what you offer.

This tactic is also very successful online. Sites like can help you run an online giveaway from your website or Facebook page. This gives you an opportunity to collect a lot of online leads and attract members to your social networking site.

Measure Marketing Results.

If you want to maximize returns and figure out what works best for your unique business, you need to have a way to measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

:: You can use free programs like Google Analytics to track online visitors and sales conversions.

:: Add QR codes to printed materials so visitors can automatically visit your site from their phones, and you can track these too.

:: If you provide online or offline forms, be sure to include a question about how respondents found your site or business.

Get Busy Marketing Your Business!

What are you waiting for?You should be able to begin implementing some of these free and cheap marketing ideas today. Also remember to support each area of your campaign with another one. For example, don’t forget to include your website name and even social marketing pages on your printed business cards and flyers.

Get in touch with professional marketing experts at for more assistance with putting your successful marketing plan together.

There are many ways to promote your business without spending a fortune. Think outside the box. Most people notice things that are different, something that draws their attention or even makes them laugh.

Keep it simple, keep it cheap and before you know it your success will be achieved without going broke. Incorporate these cheap advertising and marketing ideas into your day-to-day life, and create a plan of action of what will need doing. DO NOT just put one idea into practice at a time, do as many as possible and keep track of where people heard about you from using a database or spreadsheet – the idea(s) that pull in more responses should be repeated constantly!

Integrate these ideas into your marketing plan; and if you want to extend your marketing reach, then consider also using services such as: Search Engine Optimisation, B2B Telemarketing, Direct Mail, Pay Per Click Campaigns, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Video Production, TV/Radio/Magazine Advertising, Product Launches, Sales Copywriting, Press Release Writing and Distribution Service. For these specialist services, get in touch with the Team at for cost-effective and customised plans to help grow YOUR leads, inquiries, sales, and profits! Marketing Empire specialise in working with small to medium sized businesses to help you implement an effective marketing strategy.

This article has been written by the Managing Director of, Deren Stevens(click for bio) , and the Marketing Team who help to serve clients globally; enabling business owners to grow their Companies using proven and effective marketing strategies. For help with YOUR marketing and advertising, free consultations, and free business resources, get in touch today!

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