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Justin G. Longenecker established SMALL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT as a leader in the market from the first edition of the book 52 years ago. In addition to this market-leading text, he wrote a number of other business books and numerous articles in journals, such as Journal of Small Business Management, Academy of Management Review, Business Horizons, and Journal of Business Ethics. Longenecker was active in several professional organizations and served as president of the International Council for Small Business. In 2005, the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) honored him with the Max S.

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What You Need to Know About Windows Small Business Server 2008

Executive Summary:Microsoft has improved Windows Small Business Server 2008 and initial deployment has been significantly streamlined. For the most part, SBS 2008 is a considerable improvement over what was an already well-regarded product. However, one aspect of this new version could prove controversial: Microsoft is changing the SBS pricing model from "lower server price, higher CAL price" to one where the initial purchase price of the server is higher but CAL costs and requirements are lower. In its continuing quest to serve small and midsized businesses (SMBs), Microsoft is updating one server product and offering a new server product, both part of its new Essential Business Solutions product line.

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Microsoft Office 2003 Alternative Free Downloads

Release Date: 10-19-12 Free alternative to Microsoft Office 2003 Word, Excel, PowerPoint - Kingsoft Office Packed programs: Writer 2013, Spreadsheets 2013, Presentation 2013 License: Freeware OS: Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista (32bit, 64bit) / Windows 7 (32bit, 64bit) / Windows 8 Price: Free Size: 45. 1MB Latest Update: April, 2014 Download Free Office Suite Compatible Microsoft Office 2003 files, including: Word 2003. doc and 2007/2010. docx Excel 2003. xls and 2007/2010. xlsx PowerPoint 2003. ppt and 2007/2010. pptx Kingsoft Office Free Introduction Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2013 is perhaps the most versatile free office suite, which includes free word processor, spreadsheet program and presentation maker.

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Statistical bulletin:UK business; activity, size and location: 2016

There were 2. 55 million businesses registered for VAT and/or Pay As You Earn (PAYE) in the UK in March 2016 compared with 2. 45 million in March 2015, a rise of around 105,000 (4. 3%). The number of companies and public corporations has continued to rise and represents 68. 8% of total businesses. The number of sole proprietors and partnerships has continued to decline and now represents 27. 4% of total businesses. The largest industry group this year remains professional, scientific and technical, with 18. 0% of all registered businesses in the UK compared with 17.

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American Express OPEN® Enhances Small Business Savings Program with New Partners

American Express OPEN today announced the expansion of its OPEN Savings® program with OfficeMax®, HP and Flextronics RTS's Firedog tech support and enhanced savings with Hertz®. OPEN Savings gives small business owners automatic savings virtually every time they use an American Express® Business Card to make purchases at any OPEN Savings partner. Cardmembers are able to apply their OPEN Savings on top of any other partner sales, discounts or promotions. Firedog: Cardmembers will save 10% on all Firedog purchases including end-to-end tech support service for computer installations, repair, PC upgrades, virus removal and all other business technology needs at www.

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Interview with Nick Reade: General Manager ANZ Small Business Banking

Jacob: Where can you see small business banking heading in the next five years? We've had some pretty big developments over the past six months with Commonwealth Bank and its social media platforms. Do you see this as the general direction for small business banking?Nick: ANZ along with the other banks are all very, very keen to address this market appropriately and invest in this segment. Commonwealth Bank and the other banks as well, are certainly investing heavily in social initiatives, so I see that the small business sector and the small business banking market are only going to get more intense over the next few years.

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How to Create an Accounting Spreadsheet

by Sue Smith 1. Open Microsoft Excel 2010 and start a new workbook by choosing "File" and "New. " In the "Available Templates" section, choose "Blank Workbook" to begin. 2. Decide how many worksheets you want to use for your accounts. By default a new workbook contains three, with each one accessible from the tabs at the bottom of the window. You may wish to use one for each table you plan on using to record your finances. Depending on the complexity of your accounts, one sheet for expenses and one for income may be sufficient, together with one in which you calculate the balance together with information such as tax owed.

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JN Small Business Loans Limited

Institution Contact Details Name of Institution JN Small Business Loans Limited Postal Address 32 1/2 Duke Street, Kingston Country Jamaica Telephone 1-876-948-7454-5 Fax 1-876-948-7452 Email JNSBLINFO@JNSBL. COM Website Address WWW. JNSBL. COM Skype Contact Persons Gillian Hyde - General Manager Thelma Young - Deputy General Manager Category Of Membership Application Microfinance Provider General Institutional Information Current Legal Status Incorporate; Limited Liability Company Objectives To provide micro and small loans to clients who traditionally would not have been able to access funding from traditional banking sources.

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Hiring Your First Employee? Make a New Hire Checklist

If you’re adding an employee to your business for the first time, you may be a bit unsure of what’s required. Here’s a quick 9-step new hire checklist to help you get started. If you already have employees, many of these steps will be things you have done. However, if you are looking for further details on what you need for new employee forms, we invite you to check out our longer, more comprehensive article on new employee forms. If you use payroll software, most of these forms can get completed & filed for you. Our recommended software provider is Gusto.

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5 Most Profitable Small Businesses

Even just running a small business is a risk – and starting a small business can be an enormously risky venture. It’s never easy to tell, early on in the life of a small business, whether or not it will be profitable. Unfortunately, this is mostly unavoidable. If you’re going to start a small business, whether it’s a vintage clothing shop or a tech startup, you risk facing huge challenges – even failure. Something can always go wrong with your business model, or fail catastrophically during the growth of your business. But some businesses are safer than others, and often lead to massive success.

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