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A Diverse Group of Talented Professionals

A Diverse Group of Talented Professionals

Portfolio Manager, Director of Wealth Management

Daryl Cooper

Daryl Cooper is a motivated, results-driven portfolio manager with over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry. Dedicated and hardworking, Daryl has spent years refining a unique, client-focused investment process that yields exceptional results. Utilizing intelligent, rules-based methodology, Daryl is able to protect his clients’ wealth.
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Colleen Schneider is a talented, dedicated wealth advisor who specializes in comprehensive financial planning. Working primarily with high achieving clients in the Saskatoon area, Colleen is exceptionally skilled at creating personalized financial plans that identify client goals, uncover opportunities and challenges, and ensure a comfortable lifestyle.
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Meet the Team

Our Expertise Is Your Secret Weapon

Conservative money management that follows a clearly defined set of rules rather than emotion and predictions — it’s what separates the novice investor from the professional. Our capable, professional wealth management team is exceptionally skilled at aiming to preserve and grow the wealth you’ve earned. Here’s what sets us apart:

Rules-Based Investing – Our intelligent, reliable approach to portfolio management allows us to protect your wealth during hard economic times, and aims to outperform the market under any condition.

Comprehensive Financial Planning – Your highly personalized plan addresses all aspects of your current and long term financial situation, from insurance and banking to tax and retirement planning, wills and estates.

Expert Support – Our core team is supported by an extended team of financial specialists at Scotia Wealth, ensuring exceptional service in all areas of wealth management.

You’ve worked hard and made excellent choices

to get to where you are. Our team can help you secure financial stability, reach your goals and maintain your preferred lifestyle into retirement. To learn more, please contact us.

Keeping You Up-to-Date & Informed

Global portfolio advisory group

France holds the first round of its presidential election this Sunday. If no candidate garners more than 50%, a second round run-off vote takes place between the top two candidates from the first round on May 7th. The average of recent polls (as compiled by Bloomberg) suggest far-right candidate Le Pen (who advocates France exiting the European Union and more nationalist immigration and trade policies) has slipped into second place, behind centre-left Macron. Far-left Melenchon and centre-right Fillon are not far behind.

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Striking a balance between logic and experience

At Cooper Schneider Financial we adhere to an intelligent, rules-based methodology, aiming to protect the wealth of our clients during adverse economic conditions while trying to consistently outperform the market. We regard emotion as an enemy of success.

We also believe that while logic in investing is valuable, it has to be leavened by a healthy dose of experience. Logic is about building ironclad arguments, the necessary conditions that make a thesis not only persuasive but also objectively true. Here’s an investing-related example of a fallacy called Affirming the Consequent:

  1. Facebook is a social media stock and a great investment.
  2. Twitter is a social media stock, so
  3. Twitter is a great investment.

Now Twitter might be a great investment, but investing in Twitter stock based on the above logical fallacy would be a mistake.

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